MID and JICA sign Honiara Transport Master Plan

JICA  completed the new road along the Honiara Central market in 2017.

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development, MID, has signed a transport master plan for Honiara with the Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA.

Called the Honiara Transport Master Plan, it will positively pave a direction on improving the Honiara road connectivity and traffic flow as the city is now experiencing significant traffic congestion, queuing and delay on a daily basis.

The Ministry said in a statement the project is a detail study to review the current road network, mini bus system and traffic management including city and area development plans, national transport plan and other related strategies.

Traffic surveys will be conducted and measures for current and future issues will be identified.

The study will also ascertain candidate remedial transport projects and prioritise improvements for further detailed study, funding and construction based on the forecast of future traffic in the greater Honiara area that are strongly awaited among people and economic circles in Solomon Islands.

The study is expected to provide higher quality traffic network with public transport for faster, safer, comfortable, more reliable and environmentally friendly means of road transport for Honiara and suburban areas, which supports national goals of rapid, inclusive and sustainable economic growth for the country.

Meanwhile, the statement said the study will produce a Traffic Master Plan which targets 2036 and list of priority projects for implementation.

It will be an eighteen month study.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Stephen Maesiola thanked JICA for supporting the project that will improve traffic flow in Honiara in the future.

JICA Resident Representative, Uegaki Motoyuki stated that JICA recognised the traffic congestion faced in Honiara and the need for such study to be conducted saying, JICA is pleased to support the project.


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