Example of an El Nino. Photo credit:

Example of an El Nino. Photo credit:

Solomon Islands has entered the El Nino season.

The Director of Meteorology David Hiriasia has confirmed this to SIBC News and says the country can expect to experience changes to its weather pattern.

Mr Hiriasia says Solomon Islands is currently in the early stages of El Nino and rainfalls should be below normal average.

“Normally during El Nino episodes we usually have an average rainfall or below what we normally experience throughout the year and the forecast prediction of this El Nino as we go towards the third quarter of the year and into the end of the year, the El Nino should dictate the climate of the whole region.”

Meanwhile the Director of Meteorology says his office is yet to determine the strength of the current El Nino season.

“At this stage it is too early to mention that it will be a strong or weak El Nino and as we continue into the second part of the year we should have a good picture of what the El Nino predicted should be like.”

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