Hon. Steve Abana. Photo credit: Parliament of Solomon Islands.

Hon. Steve Abana. Photo credit: Parliament of Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands People’s Democratic Coalition says it is in-tact and no member has deserted its camp.

This came after a local print media reports today that four MPs have deserted the coalition over leadership disagreements.

But speaking in a media conference this morning at the Iron Bottom Sound Hotel, one of the MPs who was reported to have deserted the camp said this is putting his reputation on the line, adding the report is misleading.

The new MP-elect for Maringe Kokota constituency, Isabel Province, Dr Culwick Togamana told local journalists he has not resigned, as reported.

“The front page article on the Island Sun newspaper is completely misleading. Certainly it has put on line my reputation. My integrity is more or less compromised or jeopardized and I am very disappointed with the article. They have not checked with me or even call me to find out whether I have done that or check with our party to verify whether I have submitted the resignations or appropriate documents.”

The MP-elect urges the media to report responsibly.

“And I think on those grounds I would urge the media that you have to respect us and also to give us some room, particularly with our integrity.”

Meanwhile, Leader of the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) and MP-elect for Fataleka constituency, Malaita Province, Steve Abana says there is no resignation from the party.

Responding to media reports of party members deserting the party, Mr Abana said these are unfounded reports.

He told local journalists, since joining the party last week, Dr Culwick Togamana is a very strong party member who stand-by his decision to join DAP.

The DAP spokesperson says there has never been any resignation from the party.

“There has never been any resignation by the Member for Maringe Kokota from the Democratic Alliance Party, so as we speak since he has joined the party last week I think he has made that decision to be part of the party and he’s a very strong and staunch party member. Dr Culwick is a very highly qualified MP in this 10th Parliament and we respect his rights and we want to say to the media that please verify those information before you print so that you can get the other side of the story.”

He says while the number game continues, the coalition is intact and will soon let the public know of their candidate for the Prime Minister’s position.

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