Reginald Reuban. Photo credit: Joanna Cooney.

Reginald Reuban. Photo credit: Joanna Cooney.

The Solomon Islands is set to have a one-stop-shop database of maps and relevant information that shows decision-makers where risks like flooding, erosion and landslides are high.

From the data collected so far, staff in the Solomon Islands’ Ministry of Environment Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology have observed that flooding in the Solomon Islands has been getting worse over the past few years.

In a statement from the Ministry, Principal Geographic Information Systems officer for Risk Resilient Development, Reginald Reuben said from what he had known, significant flooding started around 2009, and no major flooding in the previous years.

But he added it seems the rainfall frequency and intensity is increasing.

Mr. Reuben’s job is to build the database and create maps that show people the areas particularly at risk of flooding, rising sea levels, landslides, and other hazards.

He said the maps can easily help people make decisions, mainly in terms of planning where to build and where not to build.

This will be useful for development planners, who need to anticipate the possible risks when building infrastructure in the country.

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