Gold Ridge Mining Limited billboard. Photo credit: SIBC.

Gold Ridge Mining Limited billboard. Photo credit: SIBC.

Saint Barbara Mines has officially confirmed to Gold Ridge landowners that it is suspending its mining operations.

Chair of the Gold Ridge Landowners Association, Dick Douglas told a media conference this afternoon, Saint Barbara is scaling down its operation at the Gold Ridge Mines.

Mr Douglas explains, employees were also made redundant with the scale down.

He says the only operation active is the stabilisation program at the tailings dam.

“Only the stabilisation program will continue for de-watering at the tailings dam. All mining operations are suspended at the moment, unless the stabilisation program is completed by the end of November this year.”

The Association Chair however adds, Gold Ridge landowners are concerned Saint Barbara will leave after the stabilisation program.

“And looking at the company at the moment the landowners are very concerned it is more likely that the company will leave the country after the stabilisation program.”

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