‘Strata Titles Bill 2017’ goes through Second Reading


The National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

The ‘Strata Titles Bill 2017’ has gone through its Second Reading in Parliament today.

Winding down debate on the bill this afternoon, Minister of Lands, Housing and Survey, Andrew Manepora’a assured MPs on both sides of the House, their concerns and recommendations on the bill are considered.

The Bill is now committed to the Committee of the Whole House since debate on its general principles have been completed this afternoon.

SIBC’s News Editor Leni Dalavera reported from the National Parliament, the principle reason for the almost 200 page document is to address the acute shortage of affordable residential accommodation in Honiara and other urban areas.

“The Bill aims to facilitate for higher density development in countries to protect the interests of people who bought units from what is known as strata buildings. The Bill introduces a strata title scheme similar to what is practiced in Vanuatu, Australia and other Asian countries. The scheme will divide buildings and plots of land into what is known as strata lots and common property.”

By: Rickson Bau

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