Embattled Premier of Malaita Province Daniel Suidani said the planned Motion of No Confidence against his Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) Government is not in the best interest of Malaitans.

The premier adds, the planned no-confidence motion is not for the good of Malaita province but is somebody else’s agenda.

Premier Suidani. Photo: UNDP SI

“Support of the majority of people in Malaita province is with the MARA Government because all of us, people and our development partners work closely together to implement development projects in the province,” Suidani told SIBC News through a phone interview.

He said if he saw the relevance of the motion, he would resign from his position as premier of Malaita.

“The question is whose motion is this? If for Malaita people then why did they still want the MARA government to remain?

“This planned motion came about because of the $10,000 the resigned MPAs took in which some MPAs witnessed its details on Asilaua’s phone,” he alleged.

Suidani urged the good people of Malaita to continue supporting his MARA government.

“We will continue to face problems that will affect MARA. I urge my good people of Malaita to stay away from issues that will only destabilise the provincial government.

At the moment, the people of Malaita are behind MARA because they have seen what MARA does and meaningfully engage with their government, according to the premier.

Resigned MPA for ward 11 Elijah Asilaua earlier told SIBC News that they are preparing allegations that will be used against Suidani during the planned motion.

He said they have no longer have trust and confidence in Premier Daniel Suidani as leader of the Malaita Provincial Government

“During his two years in office, he never consulted his executive in most of the decisions made, he also hijacked the provincial government’s political and administrative powers,” said Asilaua.

However, Suidani outrightly rejected this. He said, for issues that the executive have discussed and passed, the power has been vested on him to advocate on behalf of the provincial government

There was never at any time that I made decision on my own,” said Suidani.

He said most ministers in his executive were not residing in Auki but in their wards. And to get 17 ministers to Auki every week is expensive, which is not the right thing for the provincial government to do.

“If I call them to Auki, we would lose $50,000 on housing and other expenses every week because most ministers and executive members are not residing in Auki.

“I believe if we had passed resolutions or decisions in our meetings, it’s my duty as premier to advocate on our behalf because they cannot be consulted each day or week,” he said.

The premier called on the good people of Malaita to pray for the MARA government and to continue to work together with MARA to achieve the province’s development aspirations.

Meanwhile, Suidani said he will tour his province to talk to his people and hear from them after he is released from quarantine.

“I will go out and talk with my people and ask their views. I believe the best way is to go down to the village people and listen to them,” he said.

The premier also highlighted MARA is standing strong in joining hands with the national government, except on a few issues, such as on the Government’s switch of allegiance from Taiwan to China.

“To show that Malaita Province is working closely with the National Government, we have signed three Memorandum of Understandings (MOU).

“One with the Ministry of Fisheries, one with the Ministry of Agriculture, and one with the Ministry of Tourism,” Suidani said.

by Jared Koli

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