NDMO officers and volunteers loading relief supplies on-board MV Florence. Photo credit: NDMO.

NDMO officers and volunteers loading relief supplies onboard MV Florence. Photo credit: NDMO.

Supporting relief supplies have left Honiara for Temotu province via the MV Florence vessel today.

Thanks to the National Government through the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) for its prompt response.

A statement from the NDMO, today says the relief supplies with more than hundred tonnes of rice and other important necessities are for communities around Temotu province being affected by the tropical cyclone Pam two weeks ago.

It says supporting teams from NDMO and other disaster stakeholders are accompanying the vessel and will conduct the distribution of relief supplies to the affected communities, based on assessment reports and recommendations from the NDMO led Multi-Sectoral Assessment and Provincial Disaster Management Assessment teams.

It adds the NDMO is still waiting for pending assessment reports from Malaita, Makira, Guadalcanal and Isabel provinces for relief operations.

The statement said NDMO is liaising with the provincial disaster management offices of the affected provinces for updated situational reports to verify the extent of the disaster impacts by cyclone Pam to determine the kind of support needed.

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