Tooth brushing is a dental health practice. Photo credit:

Tooth brushing is a dental health practice. Photo credit:

People in and around Malu’u in North Malaita have received much needed dental services this week following a visiting dental clinic from Kilu’ufi Hospital.

Speaking to SIBC’s Lensley Kwaimani in Malu’u, Clinical Health Nursing Consultant Richard Maegerea says the visit by the dental team is part of their regular regional dental visits.

According to Mr Maegerea, the dental clinic team has already visited Ata’a, Gounatolo and Takwa and will visit Mbita’ama and Fo’ondo during their next visit.

Lensley Kwaimani reports.

“The attendance at the Malu’u dental clinic today was very good. People from in and around Malu’u have been able to attend. School children at the Anon Atomea have also been able to attend the dental clinic with the help from two of their children welfare staff in order to receive dental services from the visiting dental team.”

The dental clinic team were in Malu’u on Thursday and Friday last week.

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