Syringe needle. Photo credit:

Syringe needle. Photo credit:

A Vella La Vella man, Western Province has urged people to be careful when buying Luncheon Meat from shops and call on responsible authorities not to import the canned meat.

This was after the man found a syringe needle inside a canned luncheon meat.

In an interview with Radio Hapi Lagun’s Cathy Lezutuni, Arnold Kuduru from Varise village says he was shocked to find a needle syringe in the tin meat.

“I arrived at home in the evening and we opened the tin of luncheon meat to fry it before having it, but upon cutting it we discovered a syringe needle in the meat.”

However Mrs Lezutuni says according to Gizo Hospital’s Infection Control Officer Mr Chris Leve, the needle is similar to those used in Laboratories for transfusion, while assessing the needle at the Gizo Hospital.

Last month another person also found a plaster inside a luncheon meat can.

SIBC will run a separate story from the authority responsible for importing the product into the country.

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