TSI logo. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

TSI logo. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Anti-Corruption watchdog, the Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) is currently conducting workshops on the topic ‘Constituency Development Funds’ (CDF) in the Western Province.

A media statement from TSI said the workshop intends to increase citizen’s access to information on CDFs.

It said the TSI team will be holding four workshops in different communities including Vonunu in South Vella La Vella Constituency, Lengana in Ranongga-Simbo Constituency, Gizo-Kolombangara Constituency and the Marovo Constituency.

TSI said they are aiming at disseminating information on CDFs to over 500 constituents concerning what is CDF, why CDF governance is an issue, the annual CDF budget of previous years and what citizens can do to make CDF effective in their communities.

The undertaking is part of the CDF Community Consultation and Awareness Project, funded by the United Nation Democracy Funds (UNDEF) and will see TSI reaching out to 32 constituencies across the country over two years.

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