Court hammer. Photo credit:

Court hammer. Photo credit:

The Parliamentary Opposition Group has responded to calls by members of the public, questioning its position on the recent Court decision on tax-free awards for MPs.

The Group said in a statement whilst the situation is regretful, it is now out of their hands.

Clarifying their position on the matter, the Opposition Group said having decided by the Court of Appeal it is now out of their hands, adding it is a matter neither for the Opposition nor for the Government.

It adds, they cannot question or dispute the Court decision otherwise, they interfere with the independence of the Judiciary.

However, the Opposition Group says it is sad that arguments on the morality and ethics of the tax-free issue have been marginalised.

The statement said it is regretful that while the legality of the awards is upheld, questions remain as to the morality and ethics of these awards.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Group said its decision on the matter has not changed and firmly believes that a review and amendments must be made to the Constitution on relevant provisions which established the membership of the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission (PEC).

In light of the current decision by the Court of Appeal and the subsequent public outcry, the alternative government believes the only legitimate body to take further action and reverse these awards is the PEC.

Pending legal advice, the Opposition recommends that PEC seriously considers this option.

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