Vehicles on the Honiara road. Photo: SIBC

Vehicles on the Honiara road. Photo: SIBC

Honiara Taxi drivers are calling on the Solomon Islands PortsAuthority (SIPA) to explain why they will have to pay a fee of $5.00 per entry through the Honiara wharf area.

One taxi driver Francis Olea who spoke on behalf of other taxi drivers said they are disappointed with Ports Authority over imposing such charges.

“As taxi drivers we are disappointed with the fee imposed by the Ports Authority as of today the 18th of August, where it is charging cabs $5.00 per entry, which means even if you came around the second time you’ll still pay $5.00. Previously it only charges $5.00 for 12 hours and that’s reasonable, but today we’re so disappointed for the increase we are calling on the Ports Management to explain why it has raised the entrance fee.”

Mr Olea adds this is an additional burden as things are getting expensive.

“We are disappointed because our takings per day and other fee charges are not so helpful. To make things worse, fuel prices are also soaring and we are losing out in this transport business.”

Attempts to get comments from the Ports CEO were unsuccessful as he was in a meeting today.

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