A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force cap. Photo credit: SIBC.

                                              A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force cap. Photo credit: SIBC.

Police in Auki Malaita Province have arrested three people from East Fataleka allegedly involved in a brawl yesterday.

Operation Manager Inspector Timothy Apaesi said the incident occurred after the Auki Magistrate Court announced its decision regarding a land dispute case.

Inspector Apaesi said the losing party launched an attack in the Court room which erupted into a fight outside the town between the two parties.

“They were armed with knives and other things which they chased the other group with. When they came into the Police Station, they ran in the Police Station because it was secured in front and some minutes later, about five minutes or so, Police gained their ground and moved the group down back to the main streets. It was there on the main street that police took control of the situation.”

Mr. Apaesi said Police were able to calm the situation and arrested three people.

He said the two parties will meet today to settle the matter and Police will be there to assist.

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