West Papuan flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

West Papuan flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Member of Parliament for West Makira and Opposition MP Derek Manuari says the time is right that West Papua is welcomed as a full member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

He says West Papua deserves full membership and not just an observer status.

Making his call in an interview with SIBC News, the MP says the Solomon Islands Government should revisit its position on West Papua’s application to join the MSG.

“I would like to make a humble call on all leaders of the Melanesian countries especially our leaders in Solomon Islands to seriously consider West Papua’s application to be a member of the MSG and for the Solomon Islands I think it’s important that the position they’ve come up with should be revisited, looking at the grounds raised by the Opposition side of the Government of Solomon Islands.”

He adds¬†Solomon Islands as the host country founded under Christian values should consider West Papua’s application favourably.

“We think from our hearts what happened to the innocent women, men and children in West Papua at the moment when we continue to enjoy life here these people are suffering. They are being tortured, raped and murdered every day and so we should at least show some Christian principles which we often preach. It brings into question our claim to be a Christian country at the same time it brings to question the future and the purpose the establishment of MSG. If we continue to deny West Papua then that brings to question even our basic principles as a nation and as an MSG member.”

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