The Royal Solomon Islands Police Traffic Centre will roll out its 2014 traffic operation next week.

Traffic Operations Director, Inspector Frank Menesa says the operation starts as schools resume their classes for this year.

He says traffic officers will be manning the round-about turnings in town, to ensure an orderly and safe traffic flow in Honiara.

“As the schools start, you will see police officers interacting at the round-abouts so that vehicles can flow freely Westward and Eastward. But the officers will act accordingly to control traffic, which may include holding of traffic, as they see fit. For this I’d like to call on the public to cooperate with them to ensure a free flow of traffic so that everyone can go about their work normally”.

Inspector Menesa adds part of the operation includes encouraging the use of public transport.

“Public transport is one of the most effective actions individuals can take. Public transportation gives people energy and efficient choices. Public transportation are also essential for energy efficiency. This means before you want to go on a social outing it’s best to call our public transports so that they can take you to and from where you want to go. In this way we are reducing accidents as well as injuries”, said Inspector Menesa.

SIBC News understands the Traffic Centre will visit schools and communities to promote road and traffic safety practices.

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