Police identify ‘people of interest’ in Easter double murder

 Police Commissioner Matthew Varley

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley

Solomon Islands Police have identified “people of interest” in the Easter double murder which shocked Honiara, and the nation.

Speaking at a weekly press conference, Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said the investigation into the death of Jimmy and Joy Kwan at their business and home at Town Ground over the Easter weekend was ongoing.

He said while no arrests had yet been made, Police were focusing on few “people of interest” for further information in relation to the alleged homicide.

The deaths of the two well-known business owners sparked national outrage, with an estimated crowd of 1000 marching through the streets of the capital on Sunday in protest.

Police pull one of the bodies into the back of a police van

Police pull one of the bodies into the back of a police van on Easter Monday

Today’s update is the first time local Police have revealed they have narrowed the investigation.

“At this point in time we do not have anyone under arrest; that’s not to say though that we don’t have a number of what I call ‘persons of interest’, in this investigation,” Commissioner Varley said.

“Now, these are people who may be able to provide us with information about the investigation, whether it is a witness or other evidence, I am not going to use the word ‘suspect’ at this point because we all know where that leads to speculation on who are the suspects.

“At this point in time, we have a number of persons of interest that we are interest in following up and that’s the focus of our activities at the moment.”

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