Tri Marine and SolTuna has donated USD$368,000.00 towards the floods. Photo credit: Bdub.

Tri Marine and SolTuna has donated USD$368,000.00 towards the floods. Photo credit: Soltuna.

Tri Marine International, the major shareholder of NFD and joint venture partner in Soltuna has donated 3-hundred and 68-thousand US dollars to the National Disaster Council flood disaster relief funds.

In addition, Soltuna Limited has donated 5-hundred cartons of Solomon Blue canned tuna to assist NDC provide for the many people who have been left homeless as a result of last weeks’ devastating floods.

Tri Marine Chairman Renato Curto said the Tri Marine family is deeply saddened to hear of the devastation caused by the recent floods in Honiara and Guadalcanal, particularly the loss of lives.

He said they join their NFD colleagues and Soltuna in conveying to the Government and people of Honiara and Guadalcanal their most sincere and heartfelt condolences.

Soltuna Managing Director, Adrian Wickham presented the 3-hundred and 68-thousand US dollars and 5-hundred cartons of Solomon Blue canned tuna to the NDC Chairman Dr Melchior Mataki and NDC Director Loti Yates during a brief ceremony in Honiara on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the National Fisheries Developments Limited has donated four tons of frozen tuna, which was distributed to victims on the Guadalcanal Plains east of Honiara.

Staff of both the Noro companies had also arranged a collection drive of clothing which a company vessel delivered to Honiara on Thursday.

Meanwhile, NDC Director, Dr Melchior Mataki, also Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, thanked the NPF Board on behalf of the Government and NDC.

He said the donation was timely and significant as it was the same as Solomon Islanders helping out other Solomon Islanders, by virtue of the Fund’s nature.

He adds, they will ensure the donation will go on to meet the needs of those who have been severely impacted by the floods.

Dr Mataki thanked the Fund and stakeholders for their support in providing donations to the relief effort adding, all donations coming from all stakeholders are invaluable and they are thankful for the support we have been receiving including that from the corporate community.

He said the impact of the disaster was wide reaching and affected communities as far as Are’are in Malaita province.

The Permanent Secretary said it is unprecedented, especially for people in Honiara and probably one of the first in a while that has attacked the commercial centre of the nation.

He said the disaster has left repercussions, many of which we have yet to feel, especially its impact on the economy.

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