Tropical Cyclone Penny will affect the weekend


Wind blowing against palm trees

The country will continue to experience bad weather into the weekend as a result of ex-Tropical Cyclone Penny.

Director of the Solomon Islands Meteorological Services, David Hiriasia told an SIBC interview yesterday.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology was downgraded Tropical Cyclone Penny to a Category One cyclone as of today.

But Mr Hiriasia said Ex-Tropical Cyclone Penny is now in the Coral Seas and is building up.

He said the tropical cyclone is anticipated to turn south and re-curve back to Queensland, Australia.

“Although the system may affect parts of Rennell and Bellona and the southern parts of the country, we anticipate that during the tracking of the cyclone once it approaches Rennell and Bellona, it should turn south and then re-curve back towards Queensland next weekend Saturday and Sunday”.

The Met Director however added, the country will still experience bad weather this weekend due to Cyclone Penny.

“So I think the important point to make is even if the tropical low currently located over Temotu moves away from the country, we expect Tropical Cyclone Penny which is currently off the coast of Queensland to influence our weather as of Friday and this weekend”.

Meanwhile, Residents of Poisughu Village, in South Guadalcanal are calling for immediate emergency relief supplies as of today.

Mr Allen Nicholas Bakachikai told SIBC Online late afternoon yesterday, the flash flood washed away their homes and gardens.

He added no one was injured, although an elderly woman nearly lost her life.

Mr Nicholas added, they have currently relocated to villages on higher grounds.

By Rickson J Bau and Allen Waitara

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