Tropical cyclone season starts in the Solomons

A satellite image of Cyclone Donna, which hit Temotu Province in May.

The country’s tropical cyclone season has begun.

November to April is the normal tropical cyclone season for Solomon Islands.

The country is also currently experiencing La Niña conditions, which cause above average rainfall.

Flooding often occurs during La Niña at the peak of the wet season in January, February and March, according to David Hiriasia, director of the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service.

He said flooding from rainfall associated with La Niña is a greater concern than cyclones during this period.

“Most of the time, cyclones form within the Solomon area and then they travel south towards Vanuatu and Fiji,” Mr Hiriasia said.

As part of 24-hour meteorological operations, forecasters monitor the weather situation and will issue warnings for cyclones or other weather systems in the country.

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