The untouched beauty of Solomon Islands’ Lau Lagoon, in pictures


On a canoe looking out at the gorgeous Manaoba Island

SIBC Online traveled along the at-times treacherous North Road to the gorgeous Lau Lagoon, North Malaita, last week.

Check out our picture gallery of the area known for its artificial islands, abundance of fish life – including dugongs – and unique culture.

Children outside their leaf hut on one of the many artificial islands in the lagoon.

An artificial island on the Lau Lagoon – these islands were created in the early 1900s when the people of East Kwara’ae fled their land to escape head hunters

The colours of the sunset illuminate Manaoba Island

Heading North – the truck on the way up north

The view from the top of a peak near Auki looking North

One of the bungalows at Lagoon Dwellers homestay 

Some of the artificial islands just off the coast of the Manaururu Village.

A unique swimming pool – filled with turtles – outside a artificial island in the lagoon


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