UNICEF official logo. Photo credit: UNICEF.

UNICEF official logo. Photo credit: UNICEF.

Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services, Dr Lester Ross has congratulated UNICEF for its assistance towards addressing malnutrition in Solomon Islands.

UNICEF is funding a week-long training integrated management of severe acute malnutrition, currently held for health workers in Honiara.

The Permanent Secretary says the training will be a great help as country is experiencing a number of disease out-breaks.

“We look forward to this particular assistance that will help address the problem of malnutrition, especially in children in this country. We continue to face a lot of challenges recently with continuos outbreaks of all sorts and I’m sure that you’ll also be able to see apart from the malnutrition I think we are having a measles outbreak at the moment as well so.”

The training is facilitated by two medical experts from India.

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