‘We need a Futsal stadium’: Ragomo


Ragomo in action during the 2016 Futsal World Cup in Colombia

The national Kurukuru Futsal captain Elliot Ragomo has called for a proper stadium to assist the development of the sport in the country.

Speaking exclusively to SIBC from Brazil, the Kurukuru captain said the level of Futsal in the country would never improve unless proper facilities were built.

Ragomo said the country was already blessed with talents, but lacked the financial support and proper facilities to nurture those talents.

He said Solomon Islands could learn from overseas countries, such as Brazil, and put more effort in organising competitions across the islands, and constructing a national Futsal stadium.

“We must have proper facilities,” he said. “If we have a proper and standard sized court for our kids and national Futsal players, then I believe we can achieve greater things in the future.”

“I think we should have at least one proper Futsal stadium in the capital to cater for the popularity of Futsal in the Solomon Islands”.

Successive governments have made promises to fund and build a stand alone Futsal stadium.

But as yet nothing has been built and currently competitions are held at the multi purpose hall.


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