What did we do wrong to reconcile?

  • Asilaua denies MPAs want reconciliation with MARA, says they maintain 22 MPAs

Former Forest and Mines Minister in the Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) Government has denied recent reports that a number of provincial members wanted to reconcile with premier Daniel Suidani’s  MARA government.

Provincial member for Ward 11, East Baegu & former MARA government Forest minister, Elijah Asilaua

“What did we do wrong to reconcile with him,” says Asilaua as he denounced the recent Solomon Star report on this as a “total lie”. 

“Those of us that resigned have never had the thought to reconcile with Premier Suidani and his MARA Government, they want to twist stories to win over people,” Asilaua said.

He added, the MARA government is eying certain Members of the Provincial Assembly (MPAs) on their side, that is why we are keeping them in Honiara.

“I can assure you that we, the non-executive group, still maintain 22 members. The MARA government wanted to swear in new ministers but it cannot because we still have that number,” Mr Asilaua said. 

He added they are likely to move the Motion of No Confidence against Premier Suidani on 27 October, 2021. 

“One year will lapse on 14 October because the previous motion of no confidence was moved on October 14, 2020, so it should be cleared by October 15, 2021.

“A notice will be put to notice within seven clear days thereafter, which should fall on October 25, 2021. This means the motion of no confidence will be moved on October 27, 2021 or around that date,” he said.

Asilaua said some group members are currently in Honiara awaiting next month for the proposed Motion of No Confidence against Premier Suidani. 

SIBC News understands that the motion will be moved by the group next month, after a period of 12 months , as required by the Provincial Government Act 1997.

Premier Suidani defeated a motion of no confidence moved against him on 14 October last year.

Responding to social media comments stating that the resigned MPAs are camping in a hotel in Honiara, Asilaua said not all of them are residing in the motel, only a few while most of them are residing with their families in Honiara.     

Mr Asilaua also denied reports that six resigned MARA ministers were allegedly bribed  $10,000 each. 

“I think those things really need evidence because to me it is not true.” 

Solomon Star earlier reported that a number of provincial members who recently tendered their resignations from the MARA government have reportedly wanted to reconcile with the government.

It claimed that some of the six MPAs are now in talks with the MARA government to try, reconcile and return their portfolios.

“At this stage, it is unclear whether the MARA government will consider the request of those MPAs who want to come back,” it reported. 

Mr Asilaua has also hit back at Malaita Premier Advisor Celsus Talifilu’s response to his earlier interview. 

“Celsus Talifilu’s response to my comments concerning his recent contract with Malaita Provincial Government is not only deceptive but one that bears the hallmark of someone who is desperate to make himself look good.

“Talifilu was paid at the rate of $5014.41 per fortnight, therefore, his position ought to be budgeted for and advertised, important legal requirements are missing in Talifilu’s appointment,” he said. 

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with SIBC News, Malaita for Democracy (M4D) Vice President, Max Bobby asked Mr Asilaua to return to Malaita and reconcile with the MARA government, and settle issues internally.

He told Malaita provincial members that powers vested on them are from the people of Malaita province. In that regard, any decision or move they make must be in consultation with people first. 

Another Malaita traditional leader, Chief Badley Buarafi reminds provincial members of their roles as leaders.

“You are not there as bosses, you are not there on your own, you are to serve your people to the best of your ability,” said Mr Buarafi. 

He urged Malaita provincial leaders to listen to their voters and ordinary people as this is very important.

Mr Buarafi said so far he is happy with the changes brought about by the MARA government. 

by Jared Koli

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