Work on Fataleka Constituency Road project progressing well


Construction work on the Fataleka Constituency (FC) major road infrastructure project is progressing well and is nearing completion.

Director Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Development for the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) Allan Lilia who has just returned from a site inspection and assessment on the road project last week said.

The road is about 35.5 kilometers and is one of the important projects and top priorities of the constituency for this year as aligned to its road infrastructure development plan.

A stretch of road that leads up to Ata’a head road

Construction work according to the constituency plan includes construction of road carriageways, drainages, culverts and bridges which includes maintenance of the 6.6 kilometre East Malaita Constituency road, manpower road from Aluta bridge to Amenia camp including new road construction from Amenia camp to Ata’a head road. 

The road infrastructure project also includes construction of additional access roads along the planned route alignment to Sangori villages and communities along the coastal area of East Fataleka constituency.

“Objective of the road infrastructure project is purposely to improve the viability and accessibility of rural industries especially within Fataleka constituency which is crucial for social and economic development and political stability. The road infrastructure project has got all the potentials that can fulfil this objective,” Mr Lilia said.

He said that since most of the potential rural commodities are inaccessible in the interior of East Fataleka Constituency with potential sites for industrial and commercial developments, this project will minimize such long-standing problems and that investment opportunities for all stakeholders, especially the rural population will be viable and manageable. 

Gravelling of this section should be completed in a week

“The travelling public, especially those on the inland of East Malaita constituency and coast of East Fataleka constituency will experience easy access and also witness an immediate improvement in the mechanism of service delivery to their communities once the project is completed and serviceable,” Mr Lilia added. 

Mr Lilia said road maintenance including clearing and grubbing, grade to reform and re-compaction, re-gravelling of worst road surfaces with sub-base and road base including reinstatement of earth drains has completed adding other outstanding specific work required is the maintenance of bridges which are part of the ongoing road works project. 

The bridges will be constructed in due course when all materials are available. 

The project is funded by the CDF programme of the national government through the Fataleka Constituency Office. 

Solomon Islands Government (SIG) is supporting the CDF programme together with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as donor.  

Rexon Ramofafia who is the Minister for the Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination (MNPDC) is the current Member of Parliament for Fataleka Constituency. He entered Parliament after he successfully contested the 2019 National General Election. 


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