Work on Malaita Bridges Progressing Well


Work on the replacement of three Malaita bridges under the Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project (SIRAP) is progressing well with pile driving now completed at all three sites and all necessary materials now delivered.

The SIRAP road component is being implemented by the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) and is supported by the World Bank.

Pile driving works have been completed for Koa, Bio-1 and Bio-2 bridges on the North Road. The contractor, Reeves Envico, is now conducting high strength concrete trials before the concrete works begin, which are scheduled for September 2023.

Installed Piled Foundation for Bio-1 Bridge

All materials for the bridge superstructures have arrived in country and the last set of the bridge decking units are expected to be delivered on site in the coming weeks. While works on these bridges have been delayed recently due to the bad weather in Malaita, the bridges are on track to be completed by the end of February 2024.

The bridges under construction use a modular component system for faster, more cost-effective construction and is the first time that this technology has been used in Solomon Islands by MID.

This consists of pre-fabricated formwork and reinforcing that is being placed on-site and filled with concrete to quickly create strong and reliable cast concrete bridges.

Completing piling works at Koa Bridge Site – North Bank

Permanent Secretary for MID, Stephen Maesiola, said “I am pleased to see this important work being carried out through the Ministry. I would like to thank the World Bank for funding these bridges alongside the rest of the many other sub-projects within SIRAP.”

” The replacement of these bridges will provide easier access to health and education, help Malaitans grow business and trade opportunities and lead to better connected communities,” he added.

The Solomon Islands Government is also implementing SIRAP’s complementary project, the Second Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project (SIRAP2).

SIRAP2 will also be constructing four new bridges in Malaita (Kolofe1 and Kolofe2 on North Road, and Su’u Harbor and Bira Bridges on South Road) and includes a range of additional infrastructure upgrades in the road and aviation sector, with support from the Ministry of Communication and Aviation, including upgrading roads in Noro, providing upgrades to the Honiara International Airport Runway and Santa Cruz (Lata) Airfield, providing investments in air navigation systems in Makira-Ulawa and Temotu Provinces, and supporting regional airport maintenance.


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