SINU Vice Chancellor Announces Termination of Staff in Wakaman Printing Scandal

The Vice Chancellor of Solomon Islands National University (SINU), Professor Transform Aqorau, announced today the termination of the contracts of Estee Lonamei, Glen Hunt, and Chanson Resture due to their involvement in the Wakaman Printing scandal.

SINU Vice Chancellor Professor Transform Aqorau

An internal audit investigation uncovered their actions, raising the total number of staff terminations related to the scandal to six.

It is a painful undertaking, but we must ensure that we maintain the highest level of probity,” Professor Aqorau stated.

He emphasized that the educated should lead by example. “Those of us who are educated should know better and lead by example, not corrode our standards of governance,” he said.

The SINU Vice Chancellor also disclosed that the university management would be collaborating with the National Crimes Unit and JANUS to bring criminal charges against those implicated in the scandal.

Highlighting the larger issue of good governance, Professor Aqorau stated, “The country and people are crying out for good governance and services. It is up to those of us entrusted with higher responsibilities to set the standard for honest governance.”


-SINU Press Release

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