World Blood Donor Day banner. Photo credit: WHO.

World Blood Donor Day banner. Photo credit: WHO.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services and the Solomon Islands Red Cross Association will mark World Blood Donor Day in Honiara tomorrow.

Secretary General of Red Cross, Joan Zoloveke told SIBC’s “Distaem Nao” program today, activities are being planned for the commemoration of the event at the Honiara City Council premises.

She explains this year’s key messages.

“The messages we want to put out is that blood is vital to human life and it has an essential nourishment to all tissues and organs of the body. Blood is made up of red blood cells and we’ll continue to talk about four major blood types. In Solomon Islands especially there’s a continuous and urgent need for blood required for major operations, accidents, treatment of mothers during birth, they need blood to recover.”

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