Stop Corruptionc insim blog. Photo credit:

Stop Corruptionc insim blog. Photo credit:

The Commissioner of lands is encouraging members of the public to provide substantial evidence when reporting serious allegations against officers of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey.

Mr Nelson Naoapu admits, reports of allegations against officers within the Ministry relating to land speculations are kicking up.

He says the public must provide substantial evidence against the officers to prove these allegations, with the reminder that there are other avenues they can use to report the allegations.

“People have to submit their evidence and this will amount to criminal cases so rather than we deal with them here, they can also seek police assistance with the cases, so it’s something that we ourselves cannot hundle, but there are other avenues that people having evidences against any staff can seek help from, like the police or the Leadership Code Commission.”

A public notice is currently being issued by the Ministry for the public to report allegations of corrupt dealings against officers of the Ministry.

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