A map of Temotu Province. Photo credit: www.rurallink.com.sb

A map of Temotu Province. Photo credit: www.rurallink.com.sb

Resource Owners in Santa Cruz, Temotu Province want Hon. Buddley Tauto settle outstanding issues relating to logging operations on their island.

Hon Tau has announced his resignation last week from the Premiership post in the Temotu Provincial Assembly.

A Nende Constituent Mr. John Chris said, the people of Santa Cruzwant Hon. Tau not to undermine people’s legal rights over their resources.

“They are calling on the Temotu Premier Hon. Buddley Tau to return to Lata to sort out the mess he left behind. With what he has done, he is disregarding and undermining the legal right of the people who own the land in Santa Cruz.”

The former Premier is reported to have made a deal allowing the Xiangling Timber SI Limited to fell logs on the island without his executive’s approval.

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