13 HIV cases on treatment


The outside of NRH’s Emergency Ward

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has recorded 13 cases of HIV that are currently on treatment.

One out of the thirteen is recorded this year.

Director of Sexual Transmitted Infection Section within the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Dr Jackson Rakei revealed the figure during the commemoration of World AIDS Day in Honiara today.

Dr Rakei further explained, from 1994 up to this year, a total of 31 cases have been confirmed for the country.

Out of the thirty-one cases, thirteen are currently on treatment, three were repatriated and fifteen have passed on.

While revealing these figures, Dr Rakei highlighted the importance of having check-ups at the hospital.

“Do not be fooled by this current figure, it just could be the tip of the ice-berg. We have a time bomb waiting to explode on our hands. What we need to do is to do more testing.

“We need to get more people to come forward and get tested. Then and only then can we say that our prevalence rate is low.”

The World Aids Day this year was celebrated at the University of South Pacific Honiara Campus under the Theme ‘Know your status’.

By: Allen Waitara


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