Newly elected Honiara City Mayor Andrew Mua. Photo credit: Courtesy of Taiwanese Embassy.

Newly elected Honiara City Mayor Andrew Mua. Photo credit: Courtesy of Taiwanese Embassy.

Honiara City has a new Mayor, he is Councilor for Ngossi Ward one, Honourable Andrew Mua.

The election held at the Honiara City Chambers was witnessed by 18 Councilors, which included eleven elected councilors of HCC, Parliament Member for East Honiara, Parliament Member for Central Honiara, Premier of Guadalcanal Province and appointed councilors.

Mr. Mua polled 10 votes while his opponent Edward Ngava Councilor for Ward two, Lengakiki polled eight votes.

The election was successfully conducted after two rounds of the election following a tie of 10 each in the first round of voting this morning.

Honiara City Clerk, Charles Kelly has formally announced the result of the Mayor’s election.

SIBC News understands newly elected Mayor Andrew Mua has served as Mayor of Honiara City Council in 2009 and was re-elected in 2012.

Meanwhile, Premier of Central Islands Province Hon. George Selwyn Mapuli was overthrown in a No-Confidence Motion this morning.

The Motion was democratically passed on the Provincial Assembly floor after a much-heated debate.

Central Provincial Assembly speaker, Mr. John Bosamata confirms Mr. Mapuli’s ousting.

“The motion has passed and after the debate today nominations for the Premier’s post is now open and will remain so for the next 48 hours. It will then close on Wednesday the 24th August for the election of the Premier after which the new Premier-elect will take his oath and after that new provincial ministers will be sworn-in right afterwards or at a later date.”

Meanwhile, the Provincial speaker says security was well conducted and people’s reaction was peaceful.

SIBC News understands Western province has also elected its new Premier about two weeks ago.

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