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The Parliamentary Opposition Group has called on the Government and responsible authorities to quickly allocate an alternative land to replace the current Kola Ridge cemetery.

The Opposition Group says this is a serious concern ignored by responsible authorities especially the issue of overcrowding at the graveyard.

It confirms receiving concerns from people that the cemetery is seriously overcrowded and needs attention.

In light of this urgent situation, the Parliamentary Opposition has recommended to the Government and the new administration under the guidance of new mayor Andrew Mua to make this their priority commitment.

It calls for proper management and respect for a new graveyard, where loved ones are laid to rest and not a place where people disrespectfully use to consume alcohol and other indecent acts.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Group says the issue of overcrowding at our cemetery has led to more problems of people now going into the practice of burying their loved ones on residential sites which are unlawful.

It says the failure to address this issue will result in more of such unlawful burials happening around residential areas because of the lack of space at the Kola Ridge cemetery.

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