A No Smoking sign. Photo credit: Wilde Sign.

A No Smoking sign. Photo credit: Wilde Sign.

Fourteen roadside vendors were recently apprehended as the police began to enforce the Tobacco Control Act 2010.

A statement from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services said the vendors were arrested for selling single roll cigarettes, which is illegal under the law.

It says the legislation carries a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment and a fine of 20-thousand Solomon dollars.

These came into effect in 2010 but now, following consultations with magistrates and prosecutors last month, police are starting to enforce the legislation.

Director of Non-Communicable Diseases at the Ministry of Health Dr. Geoff Kenilorea said it is good to see the police clamping down on those who break the law.

He said after six years of community awareness campaigns, the public should by now well aware of the dangers of smoking.

The statement said more arrests are expected in coming weeks.

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