A simple diagram of a hydro power system. Photo credit:

A simple diagram of a Hydro Power System. Photo credit:

Breakdown of the Manawai Hydro Power System in East Are’Are has made life difficult for people in the community.

SIBC’s Fredrick Kusu reported from Manawai recently concerns have been raised by people in the community, saying they are missing out on accessing essential services.

“The breakdown of the Hydro Power System here at Manawai in East Are’are has caused people to miss out on important services that need electricity services. This includes lights, market production as well as church activities and student’s education in the area.”

He reported a school teacher, Paul Amasi as saying since the breakdown of the Hydro Power System in April last year, people and
students have experienced difficulties.

“A teacher, Paul Amasi said since the system broke down in April 2014 during the flash flooding, people are finding it difficult to access electricity to produce income-generating products, students being unable to study and especially lighting in the clinics during emergency cases at night. Mr Amasi said people have been really affected by this outage and until now, no plans have been taken to fix the power system.”

SIBC News understands, the people of Manawai had been using the Hydro Power System since 1996.

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