Cabinet to decide on whether or not to execute the public servants new housing policy

Cabinet will deliberate and decide on whether to continue with the Public Service Rental Scheme (PSRS) or execute the proposed Public Service Housing Assistance (PSHA) policy as of 1st July 2022.  

Mamara Villas which are also sold to public servants. Photo: Jared Koli

The PSHA, a Solomon Islands Government (SIG) policy change that made headlines in November 2021 has proposed that Public Servants will be paid their rental eligibility directly into their bank accounts as opposed to PSRS where rentals are paid to Landlords of SIG tenants. 

PSHA policy implementation has been deferred to 1 st July 2022 from January 2022 pursuant to Cabinet Conclusion no. 2021/40/2 reached on 16 December 2021.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service, Nego Sisiolo today says further consideration and a new decision will be made on this matter. 

“The Ministry of Public Service will revert to the Cabinet in the next two weeks for further consideration. We will respond to the rest of the question raised soon after we obtain a new decision from the Cabinet in this regard.

“I hope that clarifies, and will keep in touch.” Mr Sisiolo tells SIBC News in response to email queries this afternoon. 

He maintains that the decision to remain in current PSRS policy till 30th June 2022 is a Cabinet decision. Mr Sisiolo could not comment further. 

SIBC News understands that until 30 June 2022, rental payments are directed to Landlords of SIG tenants. 

Cabinet has also endorsed a maximum of 30% waiver of rental eligibility for those accommodated under the PSRS. A reduction of 20% from the initial 50% rental waiver enjoyed by public servants before the recent policy change. 

For now, the decision whether to continue with the PSRS or execute the proposed PSHA) policy rests with the Cabinet.

By Jared Koli

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