The Russell Islands plantation at Yandina. Photo credit:

                                                 The Russell Islands plantation at Yandina. Photo credit:

People of Russell Island in Central Islands Province have questioned the recent directives, allowing bomb disposal activities in the province especially their fishing grounds.

A teacher of Hae Primary School Mr. Joseph Tenda has voiced this worry last Friday.

Mr. Tenda says this is serious as the recent bomb explosions have killed various marine lives in some areas of the island.

“Our concern here is our marine life because all the ordinances they’ve collected were disposed in the ocean, putting the marine life at risk. Eyewitnesses saw a lot of dead fish where the ordinances were disposed.”

Mr. Tenda calls on the government to take his people’s concern seriously.

“The responsible authorities should have directed them to dispose the ordinances in the right place as the RSIPF usually do.”

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