Citizens advised to conserve water as Solomon Islands heads into dry spell


Water from a tap. Photo credit: SIBC.


The Solomon Islands Meteorological Service has advised everyone in the country to use water wisely.

Deputy Director of Met Services, Lloyd Tahani made the call as the country plunges into dry season- June to October.

“The advice that i can give to the people in the country is that this period we will expect a low rainfall and that is important for us to monitor.

“We must seek information from the Meteorology office to help us make decisions about how to use water and tanks because we will not have enough rain.”

Mr Tahani confirmed June is the beginning of the rainy season and it will go right through to October.

“We will still continue to have rain, but it will not reach the level where it is wetter than normal.

Mr Tahini warned  the dry season will also produce strong winds.

“There is likely to be strong trade winds in the South-East and they can come with rough seas. When we see that in our islands, the people must make a good decision before going out to sea. We can lose lives.”


By: Fred Osifelo

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