A map of Malaita Province. Photo credit:

A map of Malaita Province. Photo credit:

Communities in Malaita Province have reported considerable damage following cyclone Pam.

In Fataleka, East Malaita, Church Minister Patrick Bisili reports, several kitchen huts were blown away by the strong wind.

In Dala North, West Kwara’ae Head Master of Dala North Primary School Mr Fred Henricks says classes were suspended this morning after a large tree fell in the school vicinity, posing danger.

“As of today some of our temporary classrooms have their roofs blown off by the strong winds so we sent our students home today. Last night the winds broke down a tree close to our school and we’re afraid for safety reasons so we send our school children home today.”

Head Teacher of Tauba School, North East Malaita Mr Issac Mae says strong winds have left some people homeless after their houses were flattened by the wind.

He adds residents of nearby islands are sheltering with them at the moment.

“The strong winds have caused damage to roof tops which were blown off. People who are living on the islands have moved to the mainland to take shelter as of yesterday morning. You can see through the roof for some of the homes in Tauba and now men, women and their children are sheltering on mainland at the moment.”

In Yandina, Russell Islands SIBC stringer Mr Tome Kiki says whilst they do not experience any major incidents, classes for this week were suspended.

SIBC News understands most parts of the country are currently experiencing bad weather.

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