Delay of students’ allowance frustrates SI students in Fiji


Solomon Islands students studying at various tertiary institutions in Fiji are frustrated over the delay of their allowance for this month, July 2022.

With examinations in its second week, some of the students only drink water and go to sit their exams according to a statement made by the students to SIBC News.

USP,s Laucala campus. Photo: USP

“Our landlords keep on calling to check that we should pay for this month’s rent before our exam weeks begin. This disturbs our concentration and exam preparation,” the students said.
It’s nearly the middle of the month now and we have no money left for food . Some of us have to apply the “Eel fish approach” , a term we commonly use among students as we only drink water and go to sit our exam.
The students said, as usual, they expect to receive their allowance early this month but that didn’t happen.
“This is really not helpful at all, it is frustrating and disappointing,” a senior student Jimmy Mauga told SIBC News.
“This is the second week of exams for the University of the South Pacific (USP) and the first week of exams for Fiji National University (FNU) and other universities We need to eat well before sitting for our final exams.”
The Education Attaché in Suva on Friday last week informed students that there are still no funds available for students’ allowance.
“The allowance will be further delayed due to no funds from Honiara. No one was responding to my emails. Therefore, we are not sure when the allowance will be available,” the email reads.
Meanwhile , Education Attaché in Fiji thanks the students who have done their exams this week.
Two more weeks of exams is left for FNU and one week for USP.
The University of Fiji is on break and will start again next week,
The students call on the national government true the ministry of Education and Human resources to prioritise allowance.
“It should be the first priority of responsible authorities in Honiara to consider their children studying overseas.

by Jared Koli

In Suva, Fiji

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