Diabetes cases in Solomon Islands increasing everyday: health experts


The National Referral Hospital.

Diabetes cases at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) Diabetes Clinic are increasing every day, local health experts say.

NRH medical consultant Dr Jones Ghabu revealed the alarming trend during World Diabetes day yesterday.

Dr Ghabu said diabetes cases reported at the NRH were becoming more common, everyday.

“Most people come to the hospital with heart problems, kidney problems, high blood pressure and even infections,” he said.

“Currently we are normally receiving one case of heart attack and stroke a day.”

He said the most common type of diabetes seen at the hospital was leg infection and there had been an increase in leg amputations at the hospital.

“Today, surgeons at the national referral hospital perform two to three amputations in a week,” he said.

“This means that is increasing and we don’t know whose legs their going to amputate tomorrow, it might be one of us or one of our family members, and that is why we need to take serious actions against diabetes.”

World Diabetes Day is commemorated annually across the world on November 14.

By: Gina Maka’a

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