Map of the Reef Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

Map of the Reef Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

Teachers at Fenualoa Community High School in the Reef Islands, Temotu Province say they will not comply with a list of 2015 teacher postings sent to them in a text message by the Temotu Provincial Education Authority.

Speaking on behalf of the teachers, Ishmael Ou’ou told SIBC News yesterday the list should have been sent before the start of the 2015 academic year.

He adds they received the list this week via a text message, which should have been formally written and delivered.

Mr Ou’ou adds, teachers have discussed the posting and have agreed not to follow it.

“We have met and discussed this when we saw it in the text message and we are not happy about it. We are now in the process of writing a letter to the Temotu Education Authority in Lata to inform them that we will not comply to this posting sent through a mobile phone text message, which they claim is the final listing.”

He said a meeting between the teachers for a resolution on the matter will be held soon.

Meanwhile, School Inspector for Temotu Provincial Education, Richard Noah says the Fenualoa teachers could face disciplinary action if they do not comply with the teacher postings.

He adds a final teachers posting list was recently given to the Fenualoa Head Teacher in Lata.

“Fenualoa’s Head Teacher had visited Lata recently upon which I gave him a copy of the final teacher posting for 2015. I have to write a letter, confirming the final list to him, so in that case I don’t see any excuse of formalities but I gave the list to Fenualoa’s Head Teacher Mr Isaiah Mendetoli. These are the lists of both the Fenualoa Primary and Secondary sectors.”

Meanwhile, the School Inspector has advised teachers that future complaints should be directed to the Provincial Education Authority instead of going to the media.

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