Final Rally Parade in Gizo: A Heat Display of Support

Final Rally Parade in Gizo: A Heat Display of Support

By Alfred Pagepitu


Western Province

Gizo experienced an electrifying atmosphere as the final parade of all candidates took place, with voters marching to rally behind their preferred representatives.

In the Gizo/Kolombangara constituency, eight candidates are vying for the seat, and the community showed their unwavering support today.

Simultaneously, candidates from other areas within the province successfully concluded their campaigns.

The streets of Gizo came alive, adorned with a sea of colorful uniforms, waving flags, and banners. Many individuals sported scarves  with inspiring messages.

Supporters matching along Gizo township

The event attracted not only local residents but also visitors and voters from Honiara and nearby islands, who joined the crowd in the provincial capital.

Most candidates have wrapped up their campaigns and held their final rallies, with just one day remaining before the polls open.

During an interview, Frank Mamu, a Gizo citizen participant in the parade, expressed his observations about the influx of visitors and voters in Gizo.

“Our presence in large numbers solidifies our support for the candidates we have chosen. Today symbolizes the culmination of the campaign, and many have passionately rallied behind their preferred representative,” Mamu stated.

He emphasized the crucial need for a leader in Gizo/Kolombangara who will drive development and stimulate economic activities in both urban Gizo settlements and rural communities in  the Western Province.

Mamu called upon Gizo residents and neighboring communities to foster respect and uphold the principles of good citizenship within our sovereign nation.

Meanwhile, to ensure a safe election, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and other assisting forces have been deployed in Gizo, providing security throughout the process.


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