Inside the National Parliament. Photo credit: National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

Inside the National Parliament. Photo credit: National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

The Finance Minister Snyder Rini has voiced in Parliament a detailed overview of the 2015 Supplementary Appropriation Bill today.

Finance Minister Rini adds, parliament is to consider drawing out key spending components under the bill, contingency warrants and advance warrants and also additional funding to meet urgent and unavoidable pressures the government is facing.

The 2015 Supplementary Bill is to regularize almost $37 million provided through Contingency Warrant, $200 million through Advance Warrant, and additional expenditures of more than $138 million through new appropriations.

He says this Bill includes reductions to non-essential programs totaled more than $12 million.

Meanwhile the Public Accounts Committee has highlighted in its deliberations the habit of providing offsetting savings, saying, it reflects good financial management.

Hon Snyder Rini hopes this will continue and would find capacity to fully offset supplementary appropriation bills as the country’s budget and planning reforms and capacity improves.

Meanwhile, Snyder Rini says this Bill reflects the Government’s decision to finance some of the expenditure pressures that had to be made to reduce the 2015 Appropriation Act 2015.

The Finance Minister says this would finance the $12.3 million as savings to offset costs related to Commonwealth Technical Fund, Police and Prison operational cost, Prime Ministers Commonwealth meeting, printing of Immigration and Labour documents, and computer equipment for the National Judiciary.

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