Former politician Kamilo Teke has reiterated Alfred Sasako's call for a national conference on education. Photo: Courtesy of Taiwanese Embassy

A former politician has said he wants the country’s education system overhauled, as it tends to focus more on the academic aspect than the realities of life people live.

Kamilo Teke told SIBC News, the education system should focus on preparing students for practical work.

He also adds, unlike in the past, education nowadays creates unemployment.

“Unemployment I think, should not happen because the government not only has the duty to educate its citizens but also has the duty to provide jobs, since every person has the right to work. One of the primary duties of the government is to provide job opportunities for the greatest possible number of citizens. It is not only education, otherwise there is an unbalanced. This an area that needs discussion in terms of education”.

Mr. Teke said he is reiterating Alfred Sasako’s call for a national conference to be convened to look into the ever increasing cost of education, which is depriving many bright students from their right to learn.

He said the ‘class- divide’ created by the current system is very obvious, as the upper class gets richer, leaving the middle and lower brackets struggling.

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