Government took serious measures on preventing COVID-19

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare

The Solomon Islands government has stepped up its preventative measures and preparedness plans against the deadly coronavirus.

Following negative results on the suspected cases in the country, Prime Minister Sogavare said, the government is serious and has taken measures in protecting and containing the virus from entering the country.

The National Government has announced three core aims of its response to the COVID-19.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavere mentioned in his national address yesterday.

“The government response to coronavirus aims to achieve three simple goals:
First, it aims to protect all Solomon Islanders, including people living in the Solomon Islands.

Second, is to keep our economic engines to keep our country going, and

third, to position the country to emerge from this challenge stronger and united.”

Among other serious measures taken, closure of Honiara and Guadalcanal schools, unemployed people in Honiara to go home, so as provincial residence not to come to Honiara, and reduction on international and domestic flights.

So far, the all suspected cases blood samples sent abroad for testing turned out negative, with no recorded cases in the country.

Mr. Sogavare reiterated, the country needs a bipartisan approach from all sectors to combat the virus from entering the country.

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