Government’s stand on proposed Temporary Special Measures policy unclear


The Western Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

With the upcoming Provincial election, the Government’s stand on a proposed Temporary Special Measure for women in the Provincial Assembly is unclear.

President of the Western Provincial council of Women Rendy Solomon said the progress towards the policy has been slow.

The current Government approved the TSM policy in August last year to have three seats reserved for women and it is waiting endorsement in a provincial assembly meeting.

However Mrs Solomon said at this stage, the provincial government’s position was uncertain.

“Endorsement has to be done at the Assembly level within the Western Provincial Government and then it has to go through some amendment on the legislation and regulations where we will need technical support,” she said.

“So i see it as slow, it is slow but i am not really sure where the Western Provincial Government’s stand is at this time due to time frame and we do not have any time. The provincial election is in June.”

Mrs Solomon said the recent election of Lanelle Tanangada as the new M-P for Gizo-Kolombangara constituency had been reassuring to their efforts in trying to get women into politics.

She adds, women who intend to contest the in the 2019 national general elections must be aware of the needs of rural women and incorporate them into their campaign strategies.

Western Province Premier Wayne Maepio had said the lack of budget allocations for women was a hindrance to the initiative.

By: Kikiva Tuni. 


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