Gov’t economic policy is misguided & unsustainable: Opposition


OPPOSITION Leader Hon Matthew Wale says the government’s economic policy is misguided and unsustainable.

Hon Wale echoed this when responding to questions from the media recently, which quoted the Prime Minister insisting that the Pacific Games 2023 is an economic booster going forward.

“Sadly, this government’s economic policy is misguided and very juvenile for a very long time. This is a government that should never be trusted when it comes to economic policy,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said the government’s hope that PG2023 would boost the country’s economy is like injecting morphine into someone as a painkiller to relieve pain for only a short time.

Hon Wale said its is expected to be an economic bump but it’s going to be a little bump and nothing else.

“Don’t fall for cheap arguments that PG 2023 is the economic booster or economic saviour for this country. It is misguided and has no basis,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said in fact the country’s economy would really be boosted if we were producing more on agriculture, fisheries and processing most of our products.

“ We should actually be talking about issues that will raise and sustain our economy going into the future and investing more in agriculture, fisheries and providing jobs for our people. We have enough land and resources and we can do it but government is not facilitating opportunities for us to utilise our resources,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said each year the government has reduced the expectations of Solomon Islanders on their failed promises to the people in terms of sustainable and economic development.

He said people have very high expectations for the government to deliver on a lot of its policies but was never implemented in the past years.

“Look at the redirection policy itself. Go back to their previous budget speeches and measure them accordingly with their redirection policy and see for yourself what they have achieved and implemented it,” Hon Wale told the media recently.

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