A map of Malaita Province. Photo credit:

A map of Malaita Province. Photo credit:

A Think Tank on Malaita Development National Projects within the office of the Prime Minister says changes on project ideas has slowed down the progress of National Projects on Malaita Province.

Think Tank team leader, Mr. Barnabas Henson made this statement in response to media comments by the Malaita Premier Peter Ramohia claiming there’s no clear budget allocation for National Projects on Malaita by the ruling Government.

But in his response to the premier today, Mr. Henson says, funds cannot be allocated as these projects do not have clear definitions.

“Project ideas have changed and have also affected budgets. Take Bina for instance, in the 1960s up they said it will be an international port, that idea then changed from the 80s up to Bina Harbour Industrial Development. We do not have a clear definition of what Bina is going to be. How do you budget for that when you are unsure of what you are going to build?”

Mr Henson emphasised, the National Government has the passion to develop Malaita Province but it needs Malaitans to come up with one solution to advance the national projects on Malaita.

He adds, the setup in itself displays the Government’s commitment for Malaita.

“And the fact that the think tank was set up is for us to find a direction way forward and a unique model for Malaita, shows the Government’s commitment that they really want something to be happening on Malaita and right now they are calling on us, tell us what you really want, how do we move forward with this, and this is an opportunity for us Malaitans because I know almost every Malaitans you meet will have an answer.”

He explains, the Think Tank taskforce has a 70 days timeframe to compile its report on Malaita National projects.

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