A protest notice put up by the teachers. Photo credit: SIBC.

A protest notice put up by the teachers. Photo credit: SIBC.

Honiara City Council teachers are on a sit-in protest over the non-payment of their leave passage by the Council’s Education division.

Dressed in red T-shirts and hanging up banners with the phrase: “H.C.C.E.A PLEASE PAY US OUR SEA FARE PLEASE!”, the teachers have been waiting for their leave passage for a week.

A frustrated teacher spoken to by SIBC News today expressed their disappointment, describing it as “chronic” problem.

Asked how forthcoming their negotiations are with the Council’s education authority, Lloyd Andrew Hatamana says nothing seems to happen, bringing only uncertainty.

“We are not so sure now because it seems this problem has become a chronic issue, like moving from a tertiary level onto a dying stage. I think if they continue to ignore our plight then we will call for more solidarity from all of us as well as looking at other alternatives to show our frustration, and already we are facing problems which will affect the so-called quality of education and the holistic approach to education as we have been affected over and over again.”

SIBC News understands the teachers affected are from the Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Schools of the Honiara City Council.

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